White heat

Like so many of us, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’ll wear when we’re out of lockdown. By then, I’m hoping we’ll be fully into the summer season. Ah, just thinking of it makes me feel better – blue skies, outdoor cocktail parties, roof terrace launch events and, of course, a collection of new outfits to take out for a test drive.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a look that I’m looking forward to wearing once we’ve left lockdown limbo. White jeans are a favourite item for me and they’re far more versatile than many people think. Granted, they can be temporarily ruined by one clumsy brush against a dirty table or a sit-down on any surface that isn’t pristine, but isn’t that part of the delightful challenge of wearing them? You need to take care and look after white jeans – but in return you get an item of clothing that dazzles with summery glamour.They’re smart, sharp (chic enough for office wear, even) and are made for that other seasonal staple – the Breton top. Which regular readers of this blog or my Insta-page will know is a go-to item for me.

And I’ve recently discovered one of the best pairs of white jeans around, which I’m wearing here. These Cabi Cinch skinny jeans are amazing quality. Theyre opaque for full coverage and light enough for warm weather. Theyre also the perfect weight and thickness to complement any body shape, and offer a bit of stretch too. I’ve teamed the Cabi white jeans with a check Cabi Library jacket but, quite honestly, they will go with so many items – whether you want to dress up or down. 

There are so many options to team up with white jeans. A simple shirt… or an elegant velvet shirt. A t-shirt or even polo neck knitwear. And with matching footwear, I like high heels or wedge sandals – or shiny gold ankle boots if you want a bit more colour pop.


Look out for more summer style coming from me soon, including great new pieces from Cabi. Until then, stay safe and positive and do watch where you sit down in those white jeans

Cinch Skinny jeans

Province top

Grommet belt 



ove Coral


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