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A simple way to transform your living space

I’ve been really excited to share this with you. Through lockdown, I was posting pictures of my home on Instagram. Many of these were shot in my lounge and featured my Ikea sofas. After spotting them in some of my pics, the lovely people from Comfort Works got in touch and asked if I’d like to try their custom made slip covers for my sofas. I was delighted as I’d been thinking about changing the decor for a while. But buying new sofas is a big expense and, really, there’s nothing wrong with my sofas. I’m just a bit bored of them. And my eco-conscience won’t allow me to throw away perfectly good sofas.


This, then, was an opportunity to save my sofas and get a whole new feel to the lounge, by simply updating the covers. Comfort Works makes custom made slipcovers in a wide variety of fabrics for current and discontinued IKEA sofa covers. They also offer a wide variety of slipcovers for many other sofa brands on their website.


In other words, they offer a brilliant alternative to re-upholstering and can transform your furniture without adding to the world’s landfill or blowing your budget. They make slipcovers for almost any brand of furniture, I love the company ethos for sustainability – they even have a page about how to upcycle your furniture.


The first step was to choose my fabric. You can select up to eight swatch samples to be sent to your home. They have a handy guide on their website that gives a rating for each fabric for its durability, comfort level, and price. It also shows what each fabric is made with, whether or not it is pet/child-friendly, how many wash cycles it will withstand, and care instructions for washing, drying, and ironing. I found it to be really helpful when going through my fabric sample options and it’s so easy to use – very intuitive.

Putting a pop of colour in the lounge


I opted for the Performance Velvet in turquoise. The fabric information for this choice is: Machine wash at 30 degrees, pet and kid friendly, suitable for high traffic and comfy.


The next step is to take the measurements. This was also an easy process as Comfort Works give you a full guide on how to do it. Even better, if your sofa is an Ikea model then you have the precise measurements available for every model. My specific set of covers are: Stocksund 3-seater Sofa Covers, Stocksund 2-seater Sofa Covers,and the Stocksund Footstool Cover.


Then I just submitted my order and awaited delivery, which usually takes 4-5 weeks.


The day my delivery arrived I was beyond excited! After unpacking my box I was able to put my new slipcovers on with ease. There are also handy labels just in case you need a bit of help.

The end result is amazing. I’m so pleased with my colour choice and the velvet feels super-luxe. I can’t wait for winter because the new covers have made the sofas really cosy. In short, my lounge has been transformed and I love it.


Right, I’m off to hunker down on my sofa with a cup of tea and the new issue of Vogue…


Love Coral




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